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Edible oils are termed as the oils used in the preparation of food that is in cooking. We use mostly vegetable oils for cooking as they enhance the flavor of food. Before discussing about different types of oils, we will discuss about the benefits and the importance of oils in our diet.

Not only to make the food delicious, oils are nutritive too because of their unique fatty acids content in them. For instance rapeseed oil contain essential fatty acids like omega3 and omega6 which lowers the chances of suffering from heart related complications. And even vegetable oils are trans-fat free. Trans- fat free is commonly found in animal products like butter and ghee which tend to a greater risk of coronary heart disease.

Oils provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals. They contain fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. so one who suffers from vitamin deficiency can include proper amount of vegetable oils in daily diet which improves the health.

Even intake of oils improve metabolism of our body. They even  contain anti-inflammatory properties. Usually the minerals and the vitamins acquired from intake of oils are helpful for hair and skin treatments too.

These are the major benefits that one acquire while consuming vegetable oils. One should never forget that anything which we take in excess will not result good, we should consume moderately. In the same way when we consume oily food in higher amounts it risks our health by resulting one to become obese or even ill. So we have to make sure that we consume right amount of oil in our daily diet.

So now lets discuss about different types of edible oils and their nutritional benefits.


This oil is widely used for cooking purposes including frying, grilling etc. It is rich in vitamin E. this protects the skin from acne or scars. And also it contains high amount of mono and polyunsaturated fats which helps in lowering LDL ( bad ) cholesterol. It promotes a healthy heart and even a healthy body.


It is considered as healthy due to its high content of polyunsaturated fat. It has light flavor which doesn’t overpower the taste of the other ingredients. It is also rich in vitamin E and even omega-6 which acts as an antioxidant and helps the body cells in retaining water.


It has a very unique taste and brings a good flavor to the dishes. It has high smoke point that is it can be very stable for cooking temperatures. It helps in stimulation of digestion and even circulation. It has antibacterial properties which  promotes a healthy skin and a healthy body.


It is widely used in salads. It has low smoke point that is the reason why olive oil is not suggested for cooking at high temperatures. Olive oil has wide range of uses as it has monounsaturated fatty acids like omega3 and also minerals and other vitamins and proteins which help in treatment for a healthy skin and hair. It also aids in calcium absorption and lowers the bad cholesterol.

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