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It’s true that with old age, a lot of wisdom and wise knowledge comes. But expect this; an arch-enemy also starts arriving, popularly known as Wrinkles. A few people take those wrinkly lines with grace, but a lot of them want to look and feel young forever. With wrinkles comes dry skin and lack of moisture retention. Wrinkles are formed mainly on the forehead, cheekbones and neck region.

Wrinkle Prevention

There are several ways by which you can prevent wrinkles from forming on your beautiful skin

  • A healthy diet – Regular intake of nutritious food helps in keeping you away from the wrinkled lines.
  • No smoking – Smoking is bad for health and it effects your skin too. You are likely to start looking older sooner than anyone else your age if you are a regular smoker.
  • Sunscreen – Along with tan lines, it helps prevent the wrinkle lines. It stops the tissues from breaking and keeps the skin tight.
  • Don’t wash your face too often – Frequent face wash leads to washing away of natural oils from the skin leading to its lost strength.

Ways of getting rid of wrinkles

Instead of pondering upon medicines or surgeries, home remedies and good quality branded creams are a better pick to get rid of wrinkles.

Home Remedies
  • Water – Stay Hydrated. It helps flush out the toxins from your body and fill the wrinkled areas and gives you a glowing and fresh skin.
  • Natural Oils – Oils like Olive, Mustard, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera helps moisturise your skin naturally and get rid of the wrinkles.
  • Skin Exercises – There are some specific exercises to tighten the skin muscles. They will help avoiding new wrinkles to form.
  • Food rich in Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps production of Collagen which helps in skin tightening. Along with it, it also helps in protecting skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Anti-oxidant Tea – Drink green tea and ginger tea as they work like anti-oxidants for your skin. Toxin removal is important for your skin to look healthy and glowing.
  • Ice Cubes – Rub ice cubes over your skin at night before sleeping. The cold cubes help reduce wrinkles from your skin.
  • Home Made face masks –Masks made from natural ingredients helps remove dead skin cells and drain off the toxins. Purification of skin through masks helps in getting rid of wrinkles and getting a glowing skin.
Skin Care Brands
  • Nutriwell Cow Collustrum – . The ingredient blend of this brand is completely effective in reducing the wrinkled lines and giving you a flawless skin.
  • Nutriwell’s Detox Capsules– There is no doubt that Nutriwell has always stood up to every woman’s expectations when it comes to taking care of their skin and this time detox to give you a wrinkle free skin.
  • Acai berry extract –It is made with completely natural ingredients, this brand assures you a glowing and refreshed skin in no time.
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