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The acai palm is a species of the palm tree. The fruit from this tree is known as acai berry. It is a reddish-purple fruit.  In India, acai berry is better known as karvanda. The best dietician in India says that this fruit is very healthy. Read for the uses, health benefits and side effects of acai berry:

How can Acai berry be used?The best dietician in India says that acai berry can be had in following ways:

1.     Acai berry can be eaten raw as a fruit.

2.     Juice: You can also extract the juice from this fruit and then have the juice.

3.     Shake: Mix acai berry with milk and put into a blender to make a shake and then have it.


Health Benefits of Acai berry: Lucknow dietician, who is the best dietician in India, says that Acai berry has lots of amazing health benefits. This fruit is considered as a super food. It has many health benefits, such as:

1.     Weight loss: The best dietician in India says that acai berry can help you to flush out pounds of unwanted waste and body toxins thus aiding in weight loss. This fruit also boots the fat burning metabolism.

2.     Skin health: The best dietician in India says that consuming acai berry also has skin benefits since acai berry is rich in antioxidants. Acai oil is also used in various beauty products. Eating this fruit will help your skin to become healthier.

3.     Healthy heart: The best dietician in India says that acai berry is a fruit that promotes a healthy heart. This fruit is rich in an antioxidant called anthocyanin that supports balanced cholesterol levels. This fruit improves your blood circulation.

4.     Energy boosting: Lucknow dietician, the best dietician in India says that eating acai berry can lead to an increase in your energy level and also boost your stamina and aid to combat fatigue and exhaustion

5.     Better digestive system: The best dietician in India says that berries have detoxification properties. Thus, consuming acai berry can help you in keeping your digestive system clean and in better condition.

6.     Better concentration: Eating acai berry improves your concentration and delivers better mental clarity. With improved blood flow, your brain is able to operate more efficiently.

Side effects of Acai berry: Lucknow dietician, he best dietician in India says that even though this fruit it very healthy it can have certain side effects. Such as:

Mild side effects like heartburn or gas.


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