Nutrition Or Dietitian By Nutriwell India

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After years of bad eating habits, inactivity, and more recently, a diagnosis of knee pain, I thought I would find the process of returning, or in my case, of finding real and consistent good health and good eating habits particularly daunting at best, and quite possibly impossible. Being a veteran at trying to lose weight, I had become skeptical of achieving lasting results. But I was wrong. At the time that my doctor informed me (in no uncertain terms) that I was obese and he also introduced me to Nutriwell. Their skillful approach and initial message was clear, concise, and simple. Picture your plate, and fill it with the nutrients that will help you maintain nutritional balance. Make sure you balance your proteins and carbs in order for your blood sugar to flow smoothly and not spike. Practice portion control. Make sure you exercise most days. Measure your blood sugar regularly. Write down what you eat, and eat mindfully in order to achieve your goal. I have reduced 7 kg in 1 month and I am truly loving it..Total after 5 Month I reduces 19 Kg