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Calcium sources: Calcium is a chemical element that all of us humans need. It is an important element that we require to stay healthy. Calcium is the only mineral that is more abundantly present in your body than any other mineral. 99% of calcium is stored in your bones and teeth. Calcium is extremely necessary for bone health. With the help of Vitamin D, calcium gets absorbed into our body. Calcium is more important for women.

But how much calcium do we require daily? The calcium requirements of women below the age of 50 is 1000 mg daily while the calcium requirements of women over the age of 50 is 1200 mg a day. Recommended calcium intake for pregnant or lactating women is 1500 mg a day. The calcium requirement for men is around 1000 mg daily. For kids, the daily calcium requirement is about 800 mg. A proper intake of calcium is extremely important in pregnant women, kids and teenagers as it reduces the risk of calcium deficiency related disorders in older age.

Calcium: Deficiency:

The disease caused by calcium deficiency is called as hypocalcemia.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you may be deficient in calcium:

• You have a poor appetite. • Numbness or tingling fingers and toes. • Week or brittle fingernails. • Muscle cramps. • Feeling lethargic, fatigue or fainting. • Difficulty in swallowing. • Dry skin • Psoriasis • Palpitations • Arthritis • Tooth decay • Osteoporosis

Above are the symptoms that you might be deficient in calcium. Women over the age of 50, people who are intolerant to dairy and adolescent girls and boys are susceptible to calcium deficiency. Sometimes doctors might recommend some people calcium supplements.


Calcium: Benefits:

• Strengthens your bones: Proper calcium intake strengthens your bones and keeps your bones in proper shape. • Proper calcium intake also protects your cardiac muscles. • It is great for your teeth and keeping them in proper shape. • Proper intake of calcium can help regulate blood pressure. • Calcium balances the pH level of your body and maintains alkalinity. • Calcium is also helpful when it comes to weight loss. • This mineral may fight colon cancer. • Calcium is great for beating PMS symptoms.


Calcium sources:

Our body can’t produce calcium on its own and hence it needs to be obtained from external sources. So, let’s take a look at some of the best calcium sources. • Milk: Milk is undoubtedly one of the best calcium sources. A cup of milk contains about 305 mg of calcium.

• Other dairy products: All dairy products like curd, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese etc. are excellent calcium sources.

• Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese or paneer is also a great source of calcium. 100 grams of cottage cheese contains about 86 mg of calcium. It is one of the best calcium sources.

• Soybean: This is also a great source of calcium. 100 grams of soybean contains about 277 mg of calcium.

• Sesame seeds: These are also pretty rich in calcium. 100 grams of sesame seeds contain about 975 mg of calcium. It is one of the best calcium sources.

Other sources of calcium include broccoli, nuts, soya milk, seeds, beans and lentils, tofu etc.

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