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Dried dates vs fresh dates: Dates are edible sweet fruits which are rich source of carbohydrates and considered as healthy source of energy. These were originated in Iraq and now it is cultivated all over the world. Usually they are obtained from date palms and later categorized as dried dates and fresh dates.

Dried dates vs fresh dates: Many have queries regarding nutritional difference between both of the dates i.e. dried dates vs fresh dates. So coming to the point the major difference between them is the moisture. Usuallyfresh dates have more moisture compared to dried dates. This is the reason why dried dates have high lifespan and fresh dates have lesser lifespan.

Dried dates vs fresh dates: Have you ever thought that can a single fruit can help both in weight gain and weight loss. Yes, exactly dates help you to loose weight and even gain weight. That is the fresh dates are very useful in loosing weight and where as dried dates are helpful in gaining weight if you are particularly skinny. Coming to the nutritional status of both, dried dates have higher proteins and even high content of minerals compared to fresh dates. They both have high fibre content in them but dry dates have high fibre content compared to the fresh dates.

Dried dates vs fresh dates:

Nutritional values of dried dates per 100gms:- Moisture content:- 15.3g Proteins:- 2.5g Minerals:- 2.1g Crude Fibre:- 3.9g Carbohydrates:- 75.8g Energy:- 317kcal. Calcium:- 120mg Iron:- 7.3mg Nutritional values of fresh dates per 100gms:- Moisture content:- 59.2g Proteins:- 1.2g Minerals:- 1.7g Crude Fibre:- 3.7g Carbohydrates:- 33.8 Energy:- 144kcal. Calcium:- 22mg Iron:- 0.96mg

Dries dates vs fresh dates: Dates help in muscle development and strengthen bones and also promotes heart health. It’s proven in recent studies that dates prevents abdominal cancer and also treats intestinal disorders. It also provides significant amount of minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron which helps our body. So there is no doubt that including dates in our diet is extremely beneficial.

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