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Healthy Benefits of Triphala | Triphala | Triphala Powder - Nutriwell India

It is a traditional herbal formulation of three fruits which are native in India. The three fruits are Amla, Vibhitaki, Haritaki. It consists a wide range of health benefits.

Let’s check out the benefits of the individual fruits firstly.

• Amalaki :

It has a cooling effect and supports the natural functioning of the liver and also the immune system. However, It contains a good proportion of vitamins and minerals. It is good source of vitamin C and a versatile fruit with many health benefits in it.Even more, It is very helpful for fighting against any kind of heart disease.

• Haritaki :

Though it has heating nature, it is treated as good. Also, It is enriched with different kind of health benefits. It has number of glycosides. It is considered as the main ingredient in the Triphala. Hence, It improves digestion and the gastrointestinal health. It also promotes a healthy skin and hair.

• Vibhitaki :

Vibhitaki is considered to be very beneficial for the respiratory system. It also promotes a healthy functioning of body. It also contains proteins which helps for development of a healthy body and  provides relief from cardiac disorders. However, It even lowers the cholesterol levels and also reduces the blood pressure.

Certainly, These fruits provide a wide range of benefits and promotes a healthy living. They supply different kind of health benefits. However,

Let’s discuss about the major benefits of Triphala :

1) It is considered as natural antioxidant.

2) It supports a healthy digestion in the body.

3) Also, It promotes internal cleansing.

4) Helps in maintaining healthy levels of weight.

5) Also, Helps in detoxification and considered as effective detoxification agent.

Support regular bowel movements.

Nourishes and rejuvenates the body tissues.

One can acquire all these health benefits by consuming Triphala.

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