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Ayurveda is a wonderful form of treatment which is being used in India since ancient times.

Obesity has become a huge problem in India nowadays. Especially for women. In order to lose some weight, people keep taking various type of medicines and hit the gym. Unfortunately, due to their busy schedule they hardly have time to follow the plans. So, to solve this problem we have  listed the finest ayurvedic medicines for weight loss which taken in a medium quantity would not harm.

1) Triphala

The trio is a good team to send on a mission into your body to work on your stomach. Hence, It helps in detoxification and keeps your stomach in a good check.

It helps in insomnia and not only detoxifies your digestive system but also helps to absorb vitamins and minerals through your gut without any side effects.

Therefore, having the tablets of Triphala on an empty stomach in the morning and the other at night before sleep can reduce fat in a month.

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2) Guggul

It's a gum-like substance,used by Indians since ancient times. It is a magical herb which can be found in the Vedas. Guggul is primarily used to reduce high cholesterol and obesity. Even more, guggul is also efficient for arthritis, acne, triglyceride and other conditions.

Have guggul each day; an hour after eating lunch. Therefore, Guggul is easily available to serve your purpose.



3) Horse gram

Fat is burned gradually by consuming boiled horse gram (chana) daily. Change can be visible after following the procedure for 30 days.Hence,  It is one of the excellent Ayurvedic ingredient to lose weight.

Soak a cup of horse-gram everyday and have it in the morning.

Even more, You can add salt and chopped onions, lemon juice and tomatoes for taste.

Eat horse-gram after drinking a glass of buttermilk for best results.

4) Kalonji

Kalonji works like run-machine when it comes to weight loss.Hence,  This ayurvedic medicine is often used in households. It is best for those who wish to maintain their Body Mass Index. To gain the best results take 4 to 5 mg of kalonji with lukewarm water on an empty stomach everyday.Therefore,  The result will be witnessed in just three weeks.

5) Pepper

Pepper contains piperine that enhances the fat metabolism. Therefore, adding just a pinch of pepper with lemon and honey in the early morning can boost the process and aid in quick weight loss. If not, please try the recipe this nutritious pepper soup:


Who would refuse the idea of having a flat belly? We all do. We can't deny the fact that belly fat is one of the most difficult parts to get rid of easily. Fortunately, Ayurveda has some magical remedies to not just melt the stubborn fat from belly, but also presents natural ways to reduce weight totally. Ayurveda believes that people tend to gain weight due to poor diet, lack of exercise, over-sleeping, and unhealthy lifestyle. Certainly, Ayurveda says that obesity is considered as a disorder of metabolism and the fat tissues. This condition increases the fat tissues and blocks all the channels of your digestive system, which further leads to weight gain or Obesity.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

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