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Hence, these are dietary estrogens that are found in plants.

Even more, Estrogen is a hormone released in a woman's body that regulates her menstrual cycle.

Therefore, estrogen plays a role in the development of a woman's breasts, armpit hair, and pubic hair.

Foods that contain phytoestrogens include:

● vegetables
● fruit
● some grains
● legumes

Hence, there are phytoestrogen supplements, but getting these from natural food sources is a better choice.

How do phytoestrogens work?

Certainly , These imitate steroid hormone as their chemical structure is similar to steroid hormone from the body.

However, phytoestrogens don't bind to steroid hormone receptors as firmly as steroid hormone made by the body, so their effects may be weaker.

Hence, phytoestrogens are useful for girls wanting to rebalance their hormones as they approach change of life.

Symptoms of perimenopause include:

● hot flashes
● tender breasts
● low sex drive
● tiredness
● irregular periods
● mood swings

Hence,these are the symptoms.

1. Relieving hot flashes

However, these may help to relieve uncomfortable hot flashes.

2. Preventing osteoporosis

Estrogen deficiency after menopause can affect bone health and cause conditions such as osteoporosis.Hence, this can be solved by Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and promote bone strength.

3. Overcoming menstrual issues

When a woman's estrogen levels drop, it can affect mood and energy levels.

As a result,some girls eat foods rich in phytoestrogens to balance their mood levels.

4. Treating acne

Consequently, When ladies get skin problem, the cause could also be an increase in male hormones (androgens) in their bodies.

5. Fighting breast cancer

However, there have been some claims that phytoestrogens are beneficial for fighting hormonal cancers, such as breast cancer.

Risks and side effects

Certainly, studies show phytoestrogens could offer similar advantages to the artificial internal secretion utilized in HRT.
However, this does not mean that they are safer than synthetic estrogen. Therefore, they act in a similar way and may carry the same risks. Also, These may include increased risk of obesity,cancer and reproduction problems.

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