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Some story needs to be told...This is one of them I am not a professional writer, but writing is my passion. If you are health conscious try to find your inspiration in this story.

Weight loss, probably the most talked about topic.. In my clinic I find people who want to reduce weight for different reasons. Let it be looks, medical reasons , becoming healthy or just upcoming social function. I personally don’t beleive in IDEAL WEIGHT or Zero figure. Weight should be according to your comfort and lifestyle. Mr Pritesh came to our clinic at 87 and wanted to reduce weight as his profession needed him to be fit and healthy. To be v frank on first visit I was not very sure that he will be able to reduce weight and reach his goal. He is a top official and he was on holidays. So when you are on holidays with family the last thing on your mind will be eating healthy. His job was highly demanding and being on top he needed to be physically and mentally fit. He was extremely easy going , jovial and extrovert person. We all liked interacting with him and his wife. I was really surprized on his second visit. He was extremely motivated, hardworking and fixed his goal of reaching 65. He was in India for three months , he was regular to clinic, always responsive and in nutshell ‘ an ideal student to have’ When he went back after 3months we all felt bad. Meeting weekly once for three months was regular so it was awkward that he will follow the program online after that. Frankly I had doubts that with professional stress, hectic schedule and work responsibilities how will he cope with weight loss.

His hard work and continued effort was really motivating commendable. He is now at 73. He is truly an inspiration for us. We salute his courage to become healthy and reach his goals. If you are also sailing in same boat , take inspiration from him. If he can do this , you can also. Eat Healthy, stay healthy and reach your health goals. www.nutriwellindia.com

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