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Citrus fruits health benefits: Citrus fruits, these are considered as one of the largest fruit crops in the whole world. Similarly even the citrus industry is considered as second largest fruit-processing industry.

Citrus fruits contains glucose, sucrose and fructose. And when fresh citrus fruits are consumed then fibrous rag and other polysaccharides which tend to produce calories.

Lets check out the nutrient content of some of the citrus fruits:-

ORANGE:- [ for 100gms]

Energy :- 48kcal.

Carbohydrates :-10.9gms.

Protein :-0.7gms.

Minerals :- 0.2gms.

Calcium :-26mg.

Phosphorous :-20mg.

LIME:-[ for 100gms]

Energy :-59kcal.

Carbohydrates :-10.9gms.

Protein :-1.5gms.

Minerals :-0.7gms.

Calcium :-90mg.

Phosphorous :-20mg.

SWEET LIME:-[ for 100gms]

Energy :-43kcal.

Carbohydrates :-9.3gms.

Protein :- 0.8gms.

Minerals :- 0.7gms.

Calcium :-40mg.

Phosphorous :-30mg.

GRAPE FRUIT:-[ for 100gms]

Energy :-24kcal.

Carbohydrates :-5.6gms.

Protein :-0.8gms.

Minerals :-0.6gms.

Potassium :-135mg.

Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C. and they are also almost equal to whole foods as they contain essential nutrients similar to them. They play a major role in improving our immune system. Lets discuss about the major benefits of citrus fruits.


They contain a good amount of flavonoids and other plant compounds which promote a good health of heart. And vitamin-C present in citrus fruits is linked to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Even their soluble fiber improve cholesterol level by promoting good cholesterol( HDL) than the bad cholesterol( LDL). This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.

They contain good amount of antioxidants, which protects from heart disease and even cancer. One who has higher content of vitamin-C in their blood content have very less chances for heart attack and other heart diseases. And consuming citrus fruits to build up your vitamin-C content in your blood is an effective way for promoting a healthy heart. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.


Consuming citrus fruits helps in reduced risk of different kind of cancers. The flavonoids present in citrus fruits block the expression of genes which might be responsible for the generative diseases such as cancer. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.They make the carcinogens inactive and and even block the formation of new cancer cells. They have a wide range of protective effects of different kind of cancers.

They protect against stomach, pancreatic, esophageal cancers. And people who prefer grape fruit juice daily have lower chances of getting prone to lung cancer. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.


Citrus fruits provides a very good amount of fiber which helps for our proper body functioning. The soluble fiber present in citrus fruits helps to lower bad cholesterol and even helps in regulation of glucose levels. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits. As fiber has various kind of health benefits, citrus fruits ensures that they provide a very good content of fiber. Where as compared to other fruits, citrus fruits have a good and high ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.


They deliver a good amount of nutrients with no fat content. They help in lowering of BMI and reduces body fat percentage. One can squeeze the juice or can grate the citrus and can add to our regular dietary foods. This really helps one to keep control on fat percentage in their body weight loss. This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.
This is one of the best citrus fruits health benefits.
One can include citrus fruits in their diet and even citrus fruit juices to make their body healthy.

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