Detox Diet Plan

1. Detox Diet: Ideal way to detoxify your system from toxins and rejuvenate your complete system. Our Detox diet is simple to follow and promotes healthy eating.

2. Naturopathic Formulations and Herbal Extracts to speed up the recovery.

We believe in notion that let the food be our medicine. It’s our unique therapy to use natural things in our dietary therapy to aid in treatment of medical conditions. We will help you regarding natural herbs from your kitchen which helps in Natural Detox. No allopathic or harmful medicine for Detox is used, Just herbs from your own kitchen.

3. Fitness Consultation and complete Personalized Exercise Regime.

We believe that healthy lifestyle and a well-designed personal fitness plan can do wonders with your body. So our Fitness experts personally design your exercise regime.

Our other guidance includes

·         Healthy recipes for the particular medical condition.

·         Guidance for Healthy Lifestyle

·         Regular coordination and follow up for the entire duration of plan you choose.

·        Online support, Mail/phone consultations on request. We will be in regular touch with you and your Personal Dietitian will be just a Click or a Call away

Detox Plan

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        • Diet Support
        • Guidance for Healthy Lifestyle
        • Exercise guidance
        • Natural Home Remedies