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Do you remember your childhood?

I remember myself growing up with a sister and brother who were 10 years elder to me. So siblings were more like young parents.

What was happiness??

Simple things .....


It was a pure happiness to see if someone's house was constructed. Why? I loved playing and making castles with that raw material. I remember myself playing outside the house for hours. 'Garmi ki chutti 'the most pleasurable time, no study and all play. I belong to that era where garmi ki chutti was of whole 3 months. Do you remember the Fauj of 'COLONY FRIENDS'.

Spending whole day at friends house and just playing. Going to nani's and dadi's house with so many elder loving cousins . I cherish the moments of going to Zoo and watching the animals each time I visited my "mama ka ghar'. Loving chachis who pampered me with tasty food.

mamis who prepared local delicacies and the taste can not be compared with any dish available . My special Tea session....Sheer love mixed with lots of tea. No diet , no restriction of anything ,love sweeter than sugar.

The tea I had at 4pm can never leave the taste from my tongue.It was not tea , it was the love ,care ,attention and story I was listening from my favourite elder cousin.


My own siblings making me eat food with the interesting stories with funny sometimes intelligent characters.Now also I smile when I think about the CHINESE HERO created by my brother or Cindrella story from my sister. I loved one local story told by my mom , and cried every time when DHRUV ji left his home ( Story of master Dhruv) .

Bed time stories from parents ,Story always saying that goodness is the most sweetest thing in the world,stories of courage,love, adventure ,and what not , but always teaching me the right thing to do. We had a story telling session in school twice weekly. Believe me that was the most enjoyable period.

These stories were the reason, how my thought process was developed. There was no TV (definitely No internet) so actually I enjoyed imagining the Liliput and Cindrella.Technology has no doubt given us  lot of things but, definitely the next generation does not know the pleasures of getting engrossed in a story and imagine and live that story with those characters.

story q

A story can have so powerful influence that we can not imagine ,it makes us feel the various emotions and teaches us how to shape our thought process in right direction under the guidance of a story teller who was always a responsible person wanted to convey the best message to the kids.

But now due to technology we have lost the control over the story, and kids need not to imagine anything. It is served­ cooked on the plate for them. There is no warmth ,love and guidence of a story teller. They show what sells fast ,not what is right for kids.

Everything has pros and cons. So may be this is one disadvantage of technology. 🤔🤔



January 20, 2018

Wow Surabhi.. Nicely written


Roli Kulshreshtha

January 20, 2018

Very well expressed thoughts. I enjoyed reading it. God bless!


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