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Organic Multigrain Atta: Benefits and uses

Nowadays people become victim of weight gain and heart diseases as result all are concerned about their food habits to overcome it . To get prevented from the cardiovascular disorder and to maintain your normal weight use our “Organic Multigrain Atta” product of our super foods which integrates natural and organic ingredients like ragi, channa, jwar to treat the various health issues.

Our organic Multigrain Atta product helps in such a way like reduces the heart problems, makes you feel fit by reducing your weight, contains high nutritional value same as the nutritional value contained in fibre, and also produces the thyroid hormone when there comes any disability to the thyroid in producing the hormone.

The package comes in 1 kg whose price is 200 INR, and you can have as it is beneficial Atta for your health. The benefits of eating the organic Multigrain Atta are,

  • It prevents your body from getting constipated.
  • The risk of cardio vascular disorder is reduced
  • PCOS.
  • A better healthy substance for Hypothyroidism.
  • A good alternative for Fibre.
  • It provides a good health overall.

You can use our product to cook healthy and nutritional rich food.


Some ingredients which are integrated in our product are,

  • Ragi
  • Channa
  • Jwar

Benefits of ingredients:

Ragi: A whole grain and a staple food of the south India which is free from gluten. The fibre rich content which helps to lose the body weight and also for treats diabetics (i.e. Maintains the normal flow of sugar level in your blood), calcium rich one to strengthen your bones and also contains Amino acids.

Benefits of Ragi:

Calcium loaded substance: A Non-dairy source from which calcium is obtained is only through ragi. 100 g of ragi has a 344mg of calcium contained within it, which provides strength to your bones and teeth. An important ingredient for the growth of the kids health to ensure their healthy body.

  • Ageing of skin is reverted: For maintaining the young and beautiful skin ragi plays a vital role among all people. The tissues of skin like Lysine and Methionie contained in it provides less prone to the wrinkles.
  • Prevents Anemia: Ragi is major ingredient in the source of providing Iron which helps in increase the haemoglobin level in the blood. As there is the presence of Vitamin C in ragi makes to absorb iron into blood.
  • Relaxes your body: When you consume ragi every day, then you will be free from depression and the insomnia because of the presence of tryptophan, amino acid and antioxide.
  • Loss of weight: It gradually decreases your body weight when you consume it in your regular diet.
  • Channa:  It is also known as Chickpeas which is rich in protein as well as in fibre for reducing your body weight to a normal weight. The presence of fibre will take care of your digestive system properly. If you want to lose your weight then have this channa is a part of your diet twice a week.


  • Decreases your sugar level; The sugar level in your blood is been decreased as it contains low glycemic level approximately 10 index.
  • Heart health is improved: Contains high fibre, Vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin B6 to prevent heart diseases. It also lowers your cholesterol level in blood, so there is a decrease chance of heart diseases.
  • Inflammation is reduced: By consuming it you can have a deep and long sleep as well as good memory power.
  • Jwar: Jwar is considered as the great ingredient by all over the world for its high medicinal values. Some of the benefits of consuming the Jwar are,
  • Improves your digestion
  • A n ingredient that fights against the free radicals
  • It also boosts your immunity
  • Also improves your heart health
  • Lowers your cholesterol level in the blood
  • A gluten free for healthy digestion
  • Also provides proteins to your body
  • Maintains your blood
  • To include it in your regular diet incorporate this Jwar in the following food recopies:

  • ROTI: One of the common and the simplest way to include Jwar in your regular diet is by roti
  • IDLY AND DOSA: You can add this Jwar in the batter of rice, so that through the idly and dosa you can include the benefits of Jwar in your body and can lead a healthy life. 

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!


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