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These are grape like fruits and has taste of chocolate and berries. It is considered as a super food as it contains a wide range of health benefits.
In addition with other healthy berries, acai berry is also considered to be very nutritious. They are considered to be rich in antioxidants and are immune-stimulating in nature.

The major benefits of acai berries are :


Consuming acai berry leads to increase in energy and stamina. It also helps to combat fatigue and even exhaustion. If you want to boost up yourself get handful of these berries and have it, you will notice the change. It makes sure that one is never exhausted and makes you feel energized, it might be after any work or even an exercise.


These berries keep the digestive system clean and ensures a proper functioning of it. As these berries have powerful detoxification properties and dietary fiber it helps in supporting a good digestive system. These berries are also considered as high fiber foods and provide all the nutritious benefits same as other fiber fruits.

◇ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER : Consuming acai berries improves the production of T cells ( gamma and delta ) which play an important role in the immune system. It also improves the WBC count in the blood which ensures a healthy immune system.

g the proper circulation, relaxation of blood vessels and improving of over all blood composition in the body. They are also considered to be rich in plant sterols which provide a good amount of cardioprotective benefits.


The play a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight. Consumption of acai pulp reduces the total body fat in an overweight person. It helps in prevention of storage of fat.


Many varieties of skin care products are made with the help of acai oil. It is considered as natural skin care product as it provides a very good result. One who consume the berries directly can see the increased glow of the skin.


It has a wide range of phytochemicals in it, which slows down the aging process. As these berries are the best source of antioxidants and covers all kind of phytochemicals in it, they really help in anti-aging process.


They play an important role in protection of the cellular system. They have the strongest activity against any kind of free radicals which can cause damage to the cell.
Hence there is no doubt that acai berries aresuper foods.

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