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We all are aware that detox water is commonly used as aid in detoxing the body in a natural and healthy way. We even know that keeping our body hydrated is every mandatory. Lets discuss about the benefits of hydrated body.

 It leads in the healthy functioning of body.

 Proper digestion, that is one being hydrated can easily breakdown fiber and other complex food substances in the gut. And prevents from constipation.

 Proper circulation, that is one being hydrated never faces any kind of problem regarding circulation process.

 Proper excretion, Being hydrated helps in flushing out of toxins, water reduces the burden of liver and kidney function by encouraging in easy flushing out of toxins.

 Being hydrated makes one feel active as one will acquire proper amounts of oxygen which helps in our brain functioning and keeps us active and also improves our mood.

 It relieves us from stress and makes us energized. It doesn’t make one feel tired, if you feel sluggish due to your dehydrated body just have proper amount of water you will gain your energy.

If these are the benefits of a hydrated body, then think for a while if we opt detox water how beneficial it would be. Detox water is nothing but water with the flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits and even herbs. Nothing but it contains nutrients with water. Its highly beneficial for us. And the most interesting thing is one can prepare detox water at their home very easily without any great effort and doesn’t even include high expenditure. Lets check out some interesting recipes of detox water and even their benefits.

Preparing detox water is so simple all you will need is your selected fruits, vegetables or herbs and water. All you need to do is chop up your ingredients and add to water, you can take hot or clod water depending upon your preference. If you want more flavor then all you need to do is add more ingredients. If you prefer chilled detox water then leave in fridge for 10 hours so that all the vitamins and nutrients of your ingredients get infused in the water.

I. Detox water for healthy and clean body:-

Many prefer detox water for a healthy body. Some of the combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs for healthy body are:-

~cucumber, lemon and basil water. ~orange and mint water. ~fennel, apple and lemon water. ~pear, lemon and ginger water.

II. Detox water for weight loss:-

There is no doubt that detox water helps in burning the fat and reduce the weight. The beneficial combinations for weight loss are:-

~raspberry and mint water. ~strawberry, cucumber, mint and lemon water. ~lemon and berry water. ~watermelon and mint water. ~ginger, lemon and mint water. ~orange, apple, pears and lemon water.

III. Detox water for healthy skin:-

For a clear and glowing skin, one can undoubtedly prefer detox water. The combinations for a healthy skin are:- ~citrus cucumber water. ~apple, mint and cinnamon water. ~raspberry, peach and kiwi water. ~blackberry mint water. ~cucumber, strawberry and basil water.

These are the healthy detox waters which you really enjoy by having it. Including this in your regular diet plan will show you a huge change in your body functioning.

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