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First of all let's know what tubers are. Tubers are the thickened underground part of a stem or a rhizome; these are enlarged structures which mainly used as storage organs. Tubers are highly classified as stem tubers and root tubers.
Roots in some plants change their shape and structure and get modified to perform functions other than the normal functions of root such as absorption and conduction of water and minerals. They are modified for storage of food and termed as root tubers or storage roots or tuberous root.

Some of the root tubers which we go through in our day to day life are sweet potato, carrot, radish and turnip. We know that they play a major role in providing us a good nutrition. They provide us such kind of vitamins and minerals in required amount that which can't be replaced by other foods.

Coming to stem tubers, these are the stems which grow into soil contrary to its normal aerial habit. Even their main function is to store food and the most common example is potato and ginger.

Now we will indulge in the main point of the topic. What are tubers and the importance of tubers are the known facts for everyone and even are mentioned above. So ever wondered does the way of consumption of tubers effect directly to our body. Yes the way we consume tubers effect our body and our nutrition.

Many of us crave for potato wedges, potato fries where potato is fried in oil and even we are aware that potato fries are not that good to health and tend to increase our body weight but how many of you are aware that boiled potatoes are very healthy and are good in reducing weight. Yes that’s true not only potato when we include radish or even carrot they are healthy when we prefer them boiled.

So the major conclusion is tubers should be preferred for eating when they are boiled but not when they are fried. This is because when we prefer frying it adds extra calories and even doesn't provide that required nutrients which we get from boiled ones.
Here's a simple recipe to enjoy the right way of tubers.



3 big potatoes

1 big sweet potato

1 big carrot

1 small onion- finely chopped

1 teaspoon honey

4 tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon chile

1 tablespoon butter

salt and pepper

PROCEDURE:- Chop potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrot into bite-size pieces and boil them on high heat. Continue to boil at high temperature until a piece will come it easily when poked with a fork. While vegetables are cooking, fry onion, honey and butter and chillies in a small pan until they turn golden color and turn off and set aside. When potatoes and carrots are cooked, drain the boiling water out of the pot and mash them until smooth by adding even milk. Add fried onions and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Deliver it to two plates and sprinkle some pepper if needed.

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