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What is health? - According to WHO (World Health Organization), health is termed as the state of body where it is physically, mentally and socially is perfectly well. It is a state in which a person is not suffering from any kind of illness and is well. What is health? Health enhances the quality of life and without a good health life is miserable. One can't enjoy his life in true aspects without a good health. A good health is a blessing through which we can achieve a lot in life , it leads to :-

✓ Achievement of optimal growth and development.

✓ Maintenance of structural integrity and functional efficiency of body tissues necessary for an active and productive life.

✓ Ability to combat disease, such as resisting infections and resisting the effect of the environment toxins and pollutants.

✓ Proper body functioning which includes proper digestion , proper circulation and even increase in musculoskeletal strength.

A healthy person can enjoy all this pleasures of life. A healthy person will be very happy and without health there will be no happiness. Not only happiness , there will be no peace and due to this there will be no success.

To acquire proper health there are many ways. One should have positive mindset to enjoy the glory of life with good health. A good health not only leads to good physiological state but also good psychological state.

What is health? Some of the basic ways to acquire good health are :-

~ Proper nutrition.

~ Balanced diet.

~ Drink lots of water.

~ Physical exercises.

~ Yoga and meditation.

~ Proper sleep and rest.

~ Play.

When body reaches consistent state of health, it leads to proper state of body with greater immune power and less likely to prone to diseases and there will be no further way to infections to occur in the body.

What is health? Being healthy will never leads to any kind of diseases it might be a small fever from high chronic diseases. It helps us to be strong and keeps us fit and also provides great immune power to fight against all kind of infections and diseases. Good Health prevents us from risk factors such as heart diseases and other kind of major diseases like hypertension and diabetics. Being healthy leads a proper balance in weight , there will be no weight issues it might be over weight or even under weight.

What is health? Healthy habits prevents us from major complications which occur in our body. Being healthy add years to our life and prevents us from early ageing. We can easily agree that "Health is Wealth" because there is no joy in our lives without a good health. Though we have lots of property and a good bank balance we can't be happy if we don't have a good health. A good health provides us a lot of reasons to be happy than wealth.

So, what is health? Without health nothing can be achieved, no one can be truly succeeded.

What is health? Health is that basic aspect of life where one can't survive their life joyfully.

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