Best Weight loss diet | Anupama Raag loses 8kg with Nutriwell India

best weight loss diet

Best weight loss diet

Renowned Bollywood singer and Celebrity Judge Anupama Raag loses 8 kg with Nutriwell India's best weight loss diet. Here is what she has to say about Nutriwell and her diet plan:

I Look and Feel FAB Now. No pain and all Gain. My profession as a Bollywood singer demands a high level of energy, fitness as well as a perfect look. Working in entertainment requires many late nights, hectic schedules and includes a high level of stress. So, I needed a diet which is suited my life style and helped me in boosting my immunity and energy level. I contacted Nutriwell India for the same and I am happy to say that Nutriwell prescribed me with a diet that took care of all my needs perfectly!

With help of Nutriwell’s Diet I was able to reduce 8 kg in three months with a Great Feel ‘WOW ‘feeling. Now I can cope with the professional stress better. The diet was comfortable, designed according to my body and was easy to follow. I feel much better now! I also came to know so many interesting facts about nutrition and food because of Nutriwell! It was a wonderful experience with Dr Surabhi Jain's Nutriwell India. The staff is amazing and very courteous. I was sure given the best weight loss diet plan.

I would recommend this to everyone who wants to reduce weight and look fab. Don't think twice as their diet plans will surely help you solve your health issues and get you in better shape.

-- Anupama Raag

Famous Bolloywood singer Anupama Raag lost 8 kg with Nutriwell's best weight loss diet plan. She feels fit and FAB now! So can you! We have helped hundreds attain their perfect weight and regain confidence! Here are Nutriwell India's success stories!

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