Effective Weight Loss Diet - M. Das Gupta lost 14kg with Nutriwell

effective weight loss diet

Effective Weight Loss Diet - M. Das Gupta LOST 14 KG

We helped our client M. Das Gupta lose 14 kgs with our effective weight loss diet. Here is what she has to say about the diet and about Nutriwell India:

"I had put on a lot of weight and was really worried about it. But well, I was kind of adamant to come back to shape as I was before marriage. That is to come down to 52 from currently 81. I tried various options and even frequented the gym and tried various home remedies as well...but with no result. I was so confused about what my next step should be. Then, I came across Nutriwell as I searched for weight loss solutions over the net. Nutriwell seemed to be a very genuine consultancy and after a lot of apprehensions, I decided to finally contact them. And well, i am really glad I did!

With a lot of inhibitions I met Dr. Surabhi. And well, she was too good...her way and method of weight management sounded great and I signed up for her course. And I am really happy that in 5 month I could lose 14 Kgs. Her diet was very easy to follow. It was quite affordable as well. She gave very satisfactory explanations about everything. I still follow the diet. I am extremely happy with the outcomes. Overall I am very happy that I joined Nutriwell's diet program and I will certainly recommend her to everyone. Thanks to Dr Surabhi Jain and her team at Nutriwell. They are truly doing a great job!"

-- M. Das Gupta

We helped our client M. Das Gupta with the most effective diet for weight loss. And, she was very happy with the results! We have helped hundreds of other clients as well! Read our client testimonials here.

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