Lose weight with PCOD | Amy lost 20kgs with Nutriwell India

lose weight with PCOD

Lose weight with PCOD: Amy LOST 20 KG

Lose weight with PCOD: Amy, one of our clients, lost a whooping 20 kgs!! Here's what she has to say about her transformation and about us:

I quit modelling to give maximum time to my business. Then slowly, due to PCOD and an extremely busy schedule due to my business lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle and hence weight gain.I was really worried about the weight that I had gained. Losing weight with PCOD wasn't an easy task. I tried various home remedies but nothing seemed to work. This, in turn, made me even more worried.

How I came across Nutriwell India:

When I came to India and searched for weight loss services and that's when I came across Nutriwell. When I called them they sounded very convincing. Something about them seemed right. So, I decided to go forward and get a diet plan from Dr Surabhi Jain and her team for losing weight with PCOD. Their plan was super easy to follow and was quite cost effective as well. Their whole team is super dedicated towards their clients and they are always on toes to help out the clients.

I am very happy now as I reduced 20 kg in just six months and I am still following their plan. I am sure that I will be back to my model figure soon. Also, I am really glad that I chose Nutriwell and I would definitely recommend that you contact Nutriwell if you are struggling with weight loss too. Trust me, the results are worth it.


One of our many clients, Amy, lost weight with PCOD. Amy's example is just one. We have helped hundreds of others to achieve their ideal weight and gain confidence. Read more of our success stories here.

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