Weight Loss Diet Plan - Srishti, Model & Actress talks about Nutriwell's diet

weight loss with diet plan

Weight Loss With Diet Plan

We helped Srishti, our client who is a model and actress with weight loss with diet plan. Here is what Srishti has to say about the diet plan and about Nutriwell India:

"I am a student who is also in modelling field. My duel responsibility makes my life hectic and full of stress. I just wanted to commend Nutriwell's diet plans to get me to achieve my health goals. I contacted Nutriwell with an intention to get a diet plan that suited my lifestyle, helped me maintain my weight, kept my energy levels high and kept my body as well as skin in a great shape. And I am happy to say that, all of this was fulfilled by Dr Surabhi Jain's diet plan.

I am now at the weight that I have always wanted to be, have a beautiful body and I am in great shape. My friends and family have told me that I look stunning and asked me how it happened. If you are interested in losing weight or addressing specific nutritional or medical concerns through diet, you should contact Nutriwell.

If you are looking for best Nutritionist in Lucknow then this is the place. All the eating plans are completely do-able. It fits into my busy lifestyle and is something I feel I'll be able to stick with for life. I feel certain you will love your new healthy lifestyle and gorgeous body. Thank you Dr Surabhi and Nutriwell India!"

-- Srishti

We helped Srishti, model and actress, achieve her perfect weight with the best weight loss with diet plan and helped her with a diet plan that will help her stay healthy in the longer run too! We have helped hundreds of other clients like Srishti. Read all of our clients testimonials here.

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