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Is it safe to follow advice from people who have followed a type of diet and achieved their health goals?

Yesterday I was taking an interview for Dietitians position in clinic,  of a lady with degree in commerce and one month certificate from some organization about CLINICAL Nutrition. Politely I told her that we try to have only M.Sc. / Phd Degree holder as we get many cases of Therapeutic Nutrition.

I was highly impressed from her confidence when she told I myself have reduced ten kgs in two month and I am very confident about my knowledge that I can help people with weight loss diet. My 9 years vigorous Health education 10+ years of clinical exposure felt little bad because to be frank now also I feel I am still learning. The science is vast and understanding human diet and body is much long term procedure than my whole life.

Health information is easily available online but Cutting through the clutter and getting the right facts is very difficult. There's a cacophony of voices, each saying something different.

Good or bad any kind of Publicity is acceptable for such people. They are getting criticism but people are noticing them. They are telling truth or not , that no more matters . Speak what people like to hear and play with their health royally.

Your body is your temple , there are no short cuts , There are no short term gimmicks, You need to be honest, sincere to worship your body. It’s the only place where you have to live. Don’t play with your body and invest in its health.

In bold letters


Food have the ultimate power to heal and Rejuvenate. You don’t have to go into MINDLESS use of supplements PROTEINS and other Costly stuff .Believe in mother nature and  live close to what your ancestors had.

Unlike in other countries, where only Government-certified dietitians can practice legally, there are currently no defined regulations on who can call themselves a dietitian in India. This leads to quack-a-minute diet centers coming up across the country, promising sensational weight-loss with minimum effort, which naturally tempts people, who have been struggling with weight for years.


Much confusion prevails over the words dietitian and nutritionist in the first place.

In developed countries, where these things are regulated, dietitians and nutritionists are Government-certified, trained practitioners, with two very different sets of certifications.

Unfortunately, anyone with a short diploma in food and nutrition can call themselves a nutritionist, as there are no laws in this space, leading to people circumventing any potential legal irregularities quite easily.

Dietitians usually has a background or current affiliation with an accredited university or medical school offering programs in the fields of nutrition or medicine.

Your Dietitians are much more that WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE. By starvation anyone can lose weight but, losing weight scientifically is important for your overall health. Weight loss should be HEALTH GAIN. Don’t fall under the trap of FREE DIET COACH but buy supplements.

Again, anyone guaranteeing weight-loss in large amounts (for example, 1 kilogram a week for three months), without even meeting you, is suspect. It’s a human body how can anyone give such guarantee’s qualified person will always encourage  a holistic approach, rather than quick weight-loss.”


On the face of it, weight-loss is a simple equation of deducting the number of calories you burn from the number of calories you intake. But for most people, it isn’t that simple. Many of us suffer from hidden digestive or gut-related issues that come in the way of regular weight-loss. Dietitians help us lose weight in a regulated, holistic manner, without allowing damaging nutritional loss. Everyone is a nutritionist in the days of the mobile Internet, but to know which diet will work for your particular physiology, you need to consult a qualified dietetics expert.

All said and done, it comes to that all-important matter: self-discipline. “The best dietician can give the required information and get you started, but discipline plays a very important role,” A dietician will help you get tuned in to your body and provide the right tools and guidance, but in the end, it is up to us to follow the good advice long-term.

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