Quinoa Vegetable Salad-Quinoa Vegan Salad - NUTRIWELL INDIA

Ingredients needed

Quinoa -1/2 cup Steamed broccoli -10 florets Bell pepper - all colors -1/2-3/4 cup Cucumber or zucchini -1 chopped Lettuce leaf -2

 For the Salad dressing Olive oil - 1 tbsp Fresh lemon juice to taste Salt to taste Pepper powder to taste


Cook quinoa, fluff it with a fork and leave it to cool. Steam broccoli, chop it into bite size pieces and keep it ready.

Whisk together olive oil, salt and pepper powder.


In a bowl combine together, quinoa, steamed broccoli, chopped bell pepper, cucumber and the dressing. Mix until well combined.

Garnish with torn lettuce leaves and serve. You can add chopped walnuts or a mix of toasted seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds) to make it more healthy and delicious.


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