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Rice flakes and puffed rice, both are the forms of processed rice. So first lets discuss about their nutritive values.

RICE FLAKES (per 100g.)

Energy :-346kcal.

Carbohydrates :-77.3g

Proteins :-6.6g.

Minerals :-2.0g.

Crude fiber :-0.7g.

Phosphorous :-238mg.

Calcium :-20mg.

PUFFED RICE (per 100g.)

Energy :-325kcal.

Carbohydrates :-73.6g.

Proteins :-7.5g.

Minerals :-3.8g.

Crude fiber :-0.3g.

Phosphorous :-150mg.

Calcium :-23mg.

Coming to the first one rice flakes, these are also called as flattened rice. These are flattened into dry and light flakes. These are gluten free, so one who are allergic can consume rice flakes without any objection. Rice flakes are a good mixture of iron, proteins and carbohydrates. These are the source of instant energy. It will stave off hunger carvings. It is consumed widely as snacks. This is a best home remedy option for a person who is down with an upset tummy or hunger.

There are many different kind of recipes with rice flakes. One can enjoy it by consuming it raw by adding some jaggery pieces to it and also roasted Bengal gram.

Different kind of healthy recipes with rice flakes :-
  • Porridge - you can make rice flakes porridge by adding water or milk to rice flakes with sugar for taste.

This is a healthy, light and easy recipe where you get sufficient amount of energy with the flakes and also calcium and other nutrients from milk.

  • Poha - this is a recipe where we add some fried veggies and even roasted nuts to get a perfect mixture. This really a healthy recipe where you acquire all the vitamins and nutrients from veggies with a good taste.

You have a wide range of varieties in poha preparation. It depends on the other ingredients you are using with the rice flakes.

  • Raw mixture - in this recipe small pieces of jaggery and some roasted nuts are added and it is consumed raw. Many prefer this kind of recipe as snacks and usually given for school going children as it is healthy and even tasty.

Puffed rice, it is a puffed grain made from rice. These are considered to be healthy even as it provides required amount of nutrients including iron and carbohydrates.

Hence, They serve as a good source of snacks which stave off the hunger carvings. One can prepare several kind of interesting recipes with puffed rice.

The famous snack item made with puffed rice is Bhel puri. It is widely prepared all over India and considered as a chat item. Also, This is a very healthy snack as it possess all the veggies which provide us a good amount of nutrients.

However, Rice flakes and puffed rice are very healthy and acts as a versatile ingredient where the preparation of recipes with them is easy, simple and even nutritious.

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