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Tips to eat healthy for busy schedule

Planning a quick and healthy diet and really sticking to it might be a little difficult to cope at first. But your diet must be your priority for maintaining good health to help you in the long run of life. Today's busy world demands health and wealth in equal proportion. So here are some tips to follow everyday to help you plan your diet which is quick and healthy suiting your busy 9-5 work schedule and to avoid fast food.


Planning is essential. Due to busy lifestyle, we hardly plan our grocery list and make a diet list which you will be following it strictly in order to get rid of the hassle and confusion of what to cook? Here's a suggestion to buy only necessities after making a list of breakfast, Lunch, and dinner dishes you can eat.


You can include eggs, bread, Chapati, cornflakes, yogurt and Orange Juice for your breakfast or just grab a fruit.Try to eat your breakfast calmly without having any worries to reach late to work or college. And avoid eating so heavy meal like paranthas with lots of butter or Ghee. If you're having rice for breakfast, it's better to quit or have it in a very little portion for it can make you lazy at work.


You enjoy your lunch in the middle of the day, so it is important to make sure to have it without heavy calorie intake. Include fruits and veggies like celery sticks in your lunch box or make a salad. It is beneficial to have green and rich in protein dishes. Your lunch must be slightly smaller in portion than the breakfast.


Snacking is loved by many and people munch on fritters and chips mostly, ending up eating more than they should. To get rid of this habit, one must plan snacking before eating. Replace chips with nuts and fritters with fruits. It will help you to snack less and you consume vitamins and proteins instead of empty calories which make you a couch potato. It saves time with nutrition as a bonus. Instead of tacking a whole pack of chips to munch, take a small bowl of fruits with honey or lightly salted peanuts.


Drinking excess amount of coffee may keep you energized for a particular period of time but at night you may have trouble sleeping and the ordinary coffee heats up your body. Try Green coffee extract by Nutriwell which helps you with craving, cholesterol and weight. It works miracles if you drink water very often at work, it's cheap and you don't even have to make it right?


To sum all that up, focus on eating natural and avoid doing any task while you eat. If you have a habit of watching videos or movies in mobile phone. Stop it and focus solely on your meal, by this you know what and how much you're eating. Multitasking is always a bad idea. While having dinner, sit with your family and cherish the moment and have a happy dining experience. Always be punctual not only to your work but also to your meal by eating at same time daily.

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