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Electrogym therapy or electric stimulation is a type of physical therapy. This technique is used to bring out muscle contraction with the use of electrical impulses. This therapy is mostly undertaken by people who have some kind of injury or illness that causes pain.

However, the benefits of electrogym or electric muscle stimulation aren’t just limited to pain relief. And, in recent times, people without any ailment are also undergoing this procedure.

This therapy is also known to reduce waist circumference, body fat percentage and abdominal obesity.

What Is Electrogym therapy and How Does It Work?

The process begins by attaching the electrogym equipment to the patient’s skin. The equipment sends an electric current to specific muscle groups. The electric current that is passed through the equipment causes the muscles to contract and relieves discomfort and pain. This activates the muscles.

Electrogym makes the use of bio-electrical stimulation technology to strengthen and tone the muscles. The machines use various combinations of frequencies that aim the tough body tissues. This helps in enhancing metabolism and thus, helps in slimming as well as slackening the surrounding fats.

The sequential pattern of low amplitude frequencies stimulate muscles in the treated areas making them work. This work creates great energy and the muscles utilize the surrounding fat as an energy source, burning fats exactly as they do during a strenuous workout.

Electrogym works by targeting not just the muscles you can see, but also the muscles that are more difficult to reach with conventional exercise.

What are the benefits of Electrogym?

Electrogym or electrical muscle stimulation has the following benefits:

  • Strong controlled muscle contraction and relaxation for strengthening and muscle endurance
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Circumferential inch loss
  • Pain relief (if any)
  • Improvement in sleep

How do I know if I can undergo this treatment?

It is safe for any adult before undergoing this treatment. However, it is advised to consult your doctor once before beginning the procedure. This therapy is not advised for pregnant women, heart patients and people suffering from a few other ailments.

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