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Why Choose Us?

We at Nutriwell Clinic strive to promote healthy living, fitness and wellness by providing you an insight into a personalized and balanced diet that is going to match your lifestyle. “You are what you eat! Yes, to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food.We use Superfood and herbs for your therapeutic Nutrition. So enjoy your kitchen herbs in the most desi way of living.

Not just a diet plan!

It’s not your job to fit into our program…it’s our job to make one that fits into your life.

Special Recipes ensures you are able to follow your diet effectively

The Portion-Control guide allows you to eat everything, just SMARTLY, so you don’t have to depend on a kitchen scale.

The Eat-Out guide allows you the freedom to choose your own meals when eating out, at a party or travelling.

Easy-to-use progress trackers keep us constantly updated about your progress ensuring good results.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We know what’s on your mind! Go through the answers below to understand how everything works.

What Makes Us Different?

Just to give you a bit of overview, our weight loss program purely works on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition. We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss/gain diets, pills or use of supplements.

How much will I lose?

We want you to understand that losing weight is not just a numbers game. Its more than just monitoring your weight on the weighing scale. However just for the sake of giving you an idea in numbers, you can expect to lose between 2-4 kg of your weight and 1-2 inch loss per month but the real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow our diet plan to reach the goals.

What are the requirements to join?

Self-discipline, your commitment, dedication, trust and a little bit of patience. That’s it!

How are your diets like?

First of all, do not think of it as if you are dieting. We are against dieting. Dieting is when you are deprived of certain foods and you restrict your calorie intake so much that you lose weight. This results in other side effects to your body including hair loss, body weakness and general fatigue. We believe in healthy eating. Our diet plans are designed to assist you integrate healthy eating in your lifestyle. You do not have to restrict yourself too much and you do not have to starve yourself.

Importance is given to local and traditional food. All diet plans are long term sustainable. While calories are important, we do not count them every time as this isn’t something you can do all your life. We will also teach you portion control so you don’t keep measuring food on a kitchen scale.

Can I lose fat only on my thighs, belly or arms?

NO. Spot reduction is a myth. This means that one cannot target a certain part of the body and lose fat there only. Your body loses fat proportionately from wherever the fat deposits are.

How is the progress measured?

Each week we will perform a body analysis with a body analyzer machine at our clinic, record your results and then create your diet plan for the following week based on these results and any other feedback you may have.

For online services, our app has been designed specifically for this purpose. You will be able to record your weight and monitor your progress very easily.

Can you provide a sample diet plan?

All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle. Therefore we are unable to provide you any sample diet plans.

How will I get my diet plans?

Weekly diet plans are prescribed only after consultation/feedback call. Diet plan is easily accessible in the mobile app and is also sent over the email in a PDF file.

Note: Due to legal and compliance reasons, WhatsApp cannot be used to share diet plans.

Do you guarantee weight loss?

Dear friend, we are not selling a product. It’s something you have to guarantee yourself that you will be committed to the diet plan along with some type of physical exercise.

We DO NOT guarantee 5, 10 or 20 kilo weight loss programs. Your body can safely lose 2-3 kilos in a month and weight you lose with us will not bounce back as long as you remain self-disciplined. Our diet plans are not short term diet plans that you follow for temporary results. Instead, the food prescribed is which you can sustain for lifelong, and hence get permanent outcomes resulting in a lifestyle change.

Do I have to do anything else except following the diet?

Be positive
Be patient
Trust your dietitian
Engage in some physical activity

How can I contact you if I have any queries or if I want to modify something in the diet plans?

Chat within the app or call your dietitian directly during our business hours.

Call : 8081678000
WhatsApp: 9648888820

Phone support (during clinic hours): 9:30am to 6:00pm MON-FRI, 9:30am to 2:00pm on SAT

WhatsApp/Email support: 9:00am to 8:00pm MON-SAT

Have queries before you join?

Call us on 8081678000 and we would love to assist you in any matter.

Can I get refund if I am not satisfied?

Note that due to the nature of services provided, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.

If you interrupt or stop the ongoing programme for any reason (such as change of mind, pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you. Likewise, any sums in respect of this programme that are not yet paid shall remain due.

Work Ethics, Terms & Conditions


You are consulting with qualified dietitians and clinic nutritionists. Though we would provide you with diet & nutrition advice after bodily analysis and a health assessment, it in no manner replaces or substitutes for the services of a physician or a doctor.

We are providing you with an opportunity to turn around your life. This effort involves the investment of our time, and as a wise person once said, ‘Time is money’. We would be charging you for our expertise in the field, and expect you to respect it. We are not indebted to you in any way for the money you pay us, neither can it be used to take advantage of us in any way.

The time and effort we both put in is beneficial only if we are sincere to each other. While we are committed to putting our best foot forward in whatever we do, we expect the same from you. We would encourage you to set a high bar in commitment, honesty, respect and patience for yourself before embarking on this journey and keep at it throughout.

We aim at changing your lifestyle. It is a process which is going to take time and some effort from your side. Kindly do not expect some quick fix in treating Thyroid, PCOD/S or Diabetes, as it would be unrealistic. Lifestyle changes are about changing habits, hence do not expect miracles in a week’s or a month’s time. Diseases may or may not not get fully cured but can absolutely be managed with diet & lifestyle modifications as we focus on root cause rather than symptoms.

We encourage you on asking questions to understand the logic behind everything being done and suggested. Our every recommendation has a valid reason, and we would be happy to share our knowledge with you. But please keep it restricted to that only. Challenging us to satisfy ego would only hamper the respectful and trustworthy relationship required between us and you for this effort to work.

We believe on improving your health and heal your inner self through natural course, but if need be, we might recommend some dietary supplements. It is completely your choice whether or not to take those supplements, or whether you’d like to consult your physician before doing so. You are in no way bound to take them.

You commit to take responsibility for your own actions and understand that the dietitians can only guide and cannot control what you consume vs what was prescribed.

We DO NOT guarantee 5, 10 or 20 kilo weight loss programs. Your body can safely lose 2-3 kilos/inches in a month, and the fat you lose with us will not bounce back as long as you remain self-disciplined. Our diet plans are not short-term diet plans that you follow for temporary results. Instead, the food prescribed is which you can sustain for lifelong, and hence get permanent outcomes resulting in a lifestyle change.

Payments: You agree to make full payment at the start of the program.
Upgrades: A program once enrolled in, can ONLY be upgraded within the first week from the start date. Downgrades are not allowed.

Transfers: If, for a medical or other emergent reason, you are not able to continue the program, you can transfer it to a friend or a family member at the cost of consultation fee. No multiple transfers.

Breaks: We do not encourage breaks as they hinder the flow of diet and lifestyle changes that we recommend. Moreover, lifestyle changes are about integrating those into your life regardless of what you are up to. Vacations, family functions, travelling or not feeling well should not become a factor to stop eating healthy. Though if for some other emergent reason, you need to pause your program, please get in touch with us.

Missed appointments: If you miss your appointment and do not notify us, it is your responsibility to reach out to us and reschedule your next appointment.

Refunds: Once you have paid for a program, the No Refund policy applies. Due to the nature of services involved, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.