Diet for Beauty - Pooja Tewary talks about Nutriwell's diet plans

diet for beauty

Diet for Beauty - Pooja Tewary

We helped model Pooja Tewary with a diet plan. Here is what she has to say about the diet plan and about Nutriwell India:

"I got associated with Nutriwell for a diet plan which can help me in my modelling career. Their diet plans are simple, easy to follow and helps me to look fresh for long. I learned to take care of myself naturally. So, I was looking for a diet plan that is great for my skin as well as for my whole body.

I needed a diet plan that could fulfill all of my nutritional requirements on a daily basis. As a model, you always need to look your best. And hence, I needed the best diet to always look my best. Needless to say, Dr Surabhi gave me a diet plan that took care of all my needs as a model. The diet plan was perfect, very easy to follow, cost-effective and I could eat everything! I learned so much about food and nutrition from her. That now I have also learned to make better food choices. Dr Surabhi surely gave me the best diet for beauty.

I just want to say that if you want to make your career in glamour world they provide the best dietary service. .... I would surely recommend them to each and every one :) No matter what your health concerns are, they will surely be solved by Nurtriwell India's diet plans. Thank you once again to Dr Surabhi Jain and to Nutriwell India!"

-- Pooja Tewary

We helped model and our client, Pooja Tewary with a diet plan for beauty. And she is clearly happy with the results :) We can help your out too! Read all of our client success stories here.

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