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Senior IVF Specialist, RK Hospital, Udaipur, www.rkivf.com

"Give the body what it needs and the body heals itself,” Your food, as Hippocrates declared long ago, is your medicine. It is the hurry and worry of modern life, compounded by improper eating habits, stress and pollution, which is telling on human health. When the body records a particularly low level of one or more nutrients, it shows up in the form of some disease or group of nutritional Deficiency symptoms. When these deficiencies are taken care of by appropriate changes in the diet and a suitable vitamin mineral supplement, the symptoms disappear. Nutrition therapy, which is safe, simple, cost-effective and yet scientific, can alleviate human suffering. In its preventive and health-boosting aspects, nutrition therapy strengthens the immunity system, enhances energy levels and uplifts individual performance in any walk of life.