PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan - Pallavi loses 16 kgs with Nutriwell

pcos weight loss diet plan

PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan : Pallavi LOST 16 KG


Our client Pallavi lost a whooping 16 k gs with our PCOS weight loss diet plan. Here is what she has to say about the diet plan and Nutriwell:

"I happened to put on a lot of weight due to PCOS. The weight gain really worried me and I had no idea what to do.  And I never believed that losing weight without starvation and with a medical condition like PCOS was even possible. But, they proved me wrong. The simple and scientific diet of Nutriwell made it possible. I have reduced 16 Kgs so far and still enjoying my weight loss journey. Dr Surabhi gave me this amazing PCOS diet plan that not only helped me to lose weight but also made me feel a lot better about myself and my body. And the results are clearly evident. I am super happy about it. She made my weight loss journey super easy and a pleasant one.

I have realized that there is no shortcut to health. Now I know a more healthier way of eating. I had enrolled in a one month in-clinic plan. And when I was fully satisfied, I took one year Online Weight Management in PCOS plan as I am based in Dubai. Their online services are very friendly and you are treated like a in-clinic client. You never feel that you are not meeting personally. They have a very efficient follow-up system. I have very satisfied with their services as well. All thanks to Nutriwell! Sincere thanks to Dr Surabhi Jain and her hardworking team. I would definitely recommend them to all.

--Mrs Pallavi

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