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Weight reduction diet: Ever since I had my liver transplantation, I have constantly put on weight due to excessive intake of steroids. My Hepatologist at Medanta Gurgaon had repeatedly asked me to reduce weight. I tried to but to no avail. On 11 June 2013, the internet helped me to reach my destination. i.e. Dr Surabhi Jain’s Nutriwell. That day onwards, my journey towards the health started. I lost 13 kg in five months. My reports became better and general health improved a lot. My hearty thanks to Nutriwell for their efforts in trying out various diet plans on me patiently and helping me to achieve that which I have not been able to achieve in all these years. Dr Surabhi carefully planned my weight reduction diet, also taking into consideration my post-liver transplantation dietary precautions. She's truly an expert and perfectly takes care of all of her patients' needs. She prescribed me the best weight reduction diet. I am really happy that I came across Nutriwell and would definitely recommend to each and every one. No matter what your health issue might be, Dr Surabhi Jain and her Nutriwell is bound to give you the best dietary solution to it.

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